Message to the City from Conservative Group Leader Steve Bell CBE

Thank you Mr Mayor,


I apologise to the whole City and residents and those who were to take part in tonight’s meeting, but due to circumstances outside of our control we find ourselves in the position we are.


It is without doubt that these are difficult times for us residents in the City.  As we try to get back to the new normal and protect ourselves and our families from the Covid infection which has gripped the world and has proven yet again how small our world really is and the impact on the way we live our lives has an impact on the rest of the world just as their activities has an impact on us.


We are seeing global crisis after global crisis all of which we as a council are trying to work together to minimise the impact on all of us who live and call our city our home. As we didn’t expect the crises we now face, none of us could have foreseen that just after forming an administration some 14 months ago, here we all are again looking to see a new administration take over the 700 plus services we as Cllrs all oversee and provide to you the residents of the City.


I am sure nearly all of us were elected because we wish to improve the lives of us all in the City and help those who need it the most, protect those who need protection and provide a home with their own front key to those who have found in their circumstances that they no longer have a home of their own.


We as a Conservative Group have from our many recent meetings agreed and make a pledge now to the residents of this great city that we will support an agenda which is for the good and the benefit for our residents and City.  We will work tirelessly with all parties to ensure that by our positive and non-discriminating actions together we will achieve this and see our City rise from these issues which beset us at present. 


We want to see the seal of our City proudly raised high and produce a Council that is fit for purpose.