Petition to install a proper pedestrian crossing at the Hangleton Way Schools Zone

Petition for a proper pedestrian crossing, signage and improved road layout at Hangleton Way Schools Zone


When King’s Secondary School relocated to Hangleton Way in 2019 the Council promised that adequate pedestrian crossings would be installed as well as a School Zone signage and a workable road layout.


However these promises have not been delivered with the 'red patch' crossing point provided inadequate.


Cllr Dawn Barnett and Cllr Nick Lewry are calling for the Council to:


  1. Install a proper pedestrian crossing:  There are no safe pedestrian crossing points for children.  The Council has installed a makeshift crossing point consisting of a coloured red square on the road cornered by four bollards; however this is considered by all the above to be unsafe and not working.  There is no signage to indicate that this is a crossing point and it is unclear whether this design is compatible with the Highway Code.  Proper pedestrian crossings need to be installed at the site.


  1. Improve the School Zone signage:  The signage is inadequate throughout and there is little to reflect the fact that this is a school zone, including at the entry point junction of Hangleton Way and Amberley Drive.  There are no flashing signs, which are common at other schools in the city.  The signage needs to be improved throughout the school zone.


  1. Review the current road markings:  The road markings are incoherent.  The Zig Zag lines cut out before the junction of Hangleton Way and Hardwick Road, which is causing issues on this corner, witnessed on a daily basis by the Premises Manager Stuart Everard.  There is a further issue with road markings leading to a cluttered road layout opposite the bus stops.  A more coherent approach is required, with a re-look and redesign of road markings for the entire zone.  After two years it is a reasonable request that this situation be reviewed.


Information about this petition


This petition about installing a pedestrian crossing, improving signage and reviewing the road layout at Hangleton Way will run until Wednesday 6 April 2022, at which point it will be presented to the Full Council meeting . Your petition signature will be retained until a decision is made by Brighton & Hove City Council on whether to install a pedestrian crossing, improve signage and review road layout at the Hangleton Way Schools Zone.

Petition to install a proper pedestrian crossing at the Hangleton Way Schools Zone

I agree that Brighton and Hove City Council should initiate the installation of a proper pedestrian crossing at Hangleton Way Schools Zone, install better School Zone signage and review the current road layout for the safety of the children.