City Budget 2021

The Conservative Group's Finance Spokesperson Cllr Joe Miller will be leading the Conservative response to the Green Administration's 2021-2 Budget for Brighton and Hove City Council and welcomes your input via the survey below.

Councillor Joe Miller's Budget Survey

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How do you feel about the amount of Council Tax you pay?


Conservatives announce priorities for FULL COUNCIL

Conservatives make service delivery the focus for July's Full Council

Our Conservative Councillors have set out what we want to achieve on behalf of residents at next Thursday’s full meeting of Brighton & Hove City Council.


Woodingdean ward local issues update!

Latest TV News Editor, Mark Walker, speaks to the Conservative Party Councillor for the Woodingdean Ward, Dee Simson, about building on the urban fringe, including in the area around Whitehawk Hill, and we get a local update following the outcome of the budget in Brighton and Hove last month.

Conservatives come out on top in City Budget negotiations

Conservatives secure more money for priorities than other parties in a win for the community
Outcome a result of hard work and clear vision for the city
Measures will mean work can start immediately restoring heritage, turbocharging tourism and improving the state of the City

Conservative Proposals for the 2021 City Budget!

Latest TV News Editor, Mark Walker, speaks to the Conservative Councillor for the Wish Ward on Brighton and Hove City Council, Robert Nemeth, about the forthcoming budget on Brighton and Hove City Council.

Greens break promise by asking for higher allowances

Greens lodge request for additional allowances ahead of City Budget
Request breaks Greens’ promise that Co-Chairs arrangement would not cost city taxpayers any more
Move comes as Greens are planning to hike Council Tax; Parking permits in Thursday’s City Budget